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From hero class to water vendor 1

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I've been playing Death knight since the start of wrath and whilst staring at the character screen deciding on gnome male or female I had no idea of how strong the class was going to be!

I was in a pve guild and took that aspect of the game seriously untill i realised being one of the best geared Death knights on the server would probably help me in arena (When resilence was about as usefull as a blind car driver) Ofcourse it did and within weeks i was in the gladiator bubble, this was with no focus macros and hardly any solid tactics other than right click, collect points, repeat.

Season 6 came and It appeared to be slightly more balanced, I played in a successful Paladin Hunter Dk comp which was pretty strong against everything apart from wizard cleave variations. After getting full furious set, Tier2 wep and titles such as Arena Master i was pretty happy with the outcome of the season, my only regret was not pushing hard enough for Gladiator.

After an arena break (More pve focus) i stepped into arena in season 7 only to be hit by this:

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Oh, did i mention Elemental shamans could do this sort of thing aswell!
Warriors could burst so much harder than me, have similiar overall damage and have mortal strike.

Ok, so now you are probably laughing at a Death knight QQing, dont get me wrong the class is still pretty decent it just doesnt compare to the 3 classes mentioned above.

Death knight is not FOTM (Flavour of the month) anymore so I will be rerolling like every other noob, a wise man once said 'Stick to what you are good at' and what i am good at is mage, so let the power leveling commence!

Steezey, gnome mage, Ravencrest EU current level 38!


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