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Tier10 Preview! (0)

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This is the seventh blog entry making Steezecraft one week old, happy birthday!

A quick note about 3.3.0, the patch is expected to come tommorow which is the 9th of Decemeber.

Now onto the tier gear you can expect to see dropping in the depths of the Icecrown Citadel:

Death Knight. Druid. Hunter. Mage.Rogue


In my opinion these sets look way better than some of the useless looking sets Blizzard have put into the game in the past, especially the warrior one! week running and 315 unique visitors :) if you wish to stay upto date with the latest Steezecraft topics dont hesitate to subscribe via Rss feed on the top right corner :)

Well thats about it..Mage current level49 and about to learn water elemental!

Thanks for reading


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