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A tribute to Scourge Strike (0)

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Hey !

People who have been reading my blog will know my 'main' is a Death knight and im currently leveling a mage (level 53 atm), I have played a DK since season5 and watched the class turn from a much hated true hero class to full on joke. The Scourge Strike buff at 3.3 was promising, the HOTFIX was not.

A Death knights tale by Steezebo baggins...

So most of you will take the approach that the class got what it deserves, It sat on a thrown for one season as was untouchable, now its the other classes turn right? WRONG
Every Death knight knew the class was bullshit in season 5 but that wasnt our fault, we wasn't gonna not play the class because you could spam one button and collect points. Season 6 the class was still pretty decent but slowly DKS drifted from top spots, surely every patch including a DK nerf and now we have gotten to the stage were it feels like Blizzard are making the class pay for having a free season back in S5.

Where is the consistency ?
Bar season 5 most classes have consistently been decent, mages/rogues/priests/resto druids/ holy paladins, warriors........etc.

So.. Thank you Blizzard, I will level my Mage and hope that Catacylsym doesnt include so many jokes.


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