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Patch 3.3 in More Focus! (0)

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Time to fill your brains with more information on the upcoming megaaaaaa important patch 3.3.0!

I believe the biggest change to any patch is what happens to the classes, I mean of course new things are pretty cool and help to maintain the joy of the game BUT the class changes are what people really want to know about!

For example, they better nerf destruction locks or i swear I'm going to.... write a very angry blog entry about it.

Time for the Daily wall of text guys, if you read anything you approve or disprove of don't hesitate to leave a comment under the blog entry!

I've done you guys the job of reading through all the changes, I have picked out the big changes for you, these include:

Death Knight tanks will now be more viable, rune strike will cause more threat and Scourge Strike should be hitting harder making DK's more viable in arena again!

Hunters Deterrence will now be able to immune damage from ranged attacks!

Pets can now be cleaved down again by AOE BUT they will have all of their masters resilence.

Deep freeze will now hit 'immune' to stun players hard with some lol DPS. Mage pets water bolt mana cost reduced by 80% so... it will never oom :)

PROTholy paladins will no longer have Flash of Light HOT!

Shadowpriests will have a bigger range of Mindflay (this change should have come years ago)

All rogues at any level will move at 70% speed in stealth.

Elemental shamans will have increased haste but crit less.

Conflag redesigned, in theory this will make the warlock 3button domination combo hit for less instant burst!

Thanks for reading, On a side not my mage is now level47 and powering through ZF :)



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