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Mage Wotlk Leveling Guide 1

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Feels like a decade since i last posted but thankfully nothing much has changed in The Worrrrrlddddddddd...........................(of Warcraft)

So I wave goodbye to the Christmas trees in the capital cities and realise I have to focus on the task at hand which is leveling my mage to 80! (For those of you that don't know I got bored of my 3button melee hero class shitnight)

My last blog post gave an update on my mages level at that time which was level 53, It is now level 71... which is far from chinese, the leveling has been so casual my friends have been raging at me at my snail like leveling pace.


Your are about to read the simplest mage leveling guide you have EVER had the pleasure of reading!

Tip1: Specc frost, I have tested every spec and it is miles better than any other specs for a few reasons. Including the fact you take hardly if no damage from mobs, you can 2shot mobs with a shatter combo (Frostbolt + Icelance on a frozen target) When you finally run out of mana Evocate should be off cooldown so you will never need to drink.

Tip2: Spam the frost tree and take any talents which you believe to help you kill a mob faster, I literally think every talent in the frost tree has its uses for leveling apart from: Frost Warding and Frozen Core.

Tip3: ADDONS! Two great addons i use is first of all:
Questhelper: I find this addon twice as good as the new Blizzard ingame Questhelper for many different reasons.
Power Auras Classic: Great for making the game easier, helps with notifying you of procs such as instant fireball and fingers of frost!

Tip4: I find music helps me with the boring task of leveling, i recommend something intense for some INSTENSEEE mob killing. When bored i sign for a dungeon or sign for Alteric Valley.

Tip5: Try do quests together and hand them in together, try avoid doing one quest at a time.

Tip6: Log out in Inn's DUH.

Tip7: Thats about it, told you it was simpleZ. Oh make sure you slowfall off big things, its quite fun.


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